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The Australian/NZ tour is already moving right along, but here’s a small recap of the Japan shows from last week (above photos all from Instagram during the stop in Japan). 

Best pro-shot photos that have been posted around are from Dana (distortion) Yavin for Brooklyn Vegan: here.

I guess the most interesting thing to note Robin-wise from the shows is that they brought back “31 Ghosts IV” (video here).  The solo is way different from the LITS version!

NIN also brought back “Beside You In Time” (video here), which is the first time NIN has played the track live with Robin in the band.  Really cool to see as I’ve hoped they’d bring it back one day.

Also, they’ve covered a couple How To Destroy Angels songs live with Mariqueen at a couple shows now, so if you want to check out the videos: "Ice Age" isn’t like action packed or anything (not that I expected it to be) but you can see Robin getting into "BBB".

(Instagram photo credits: 1: bonefree; 2: ilanrubin; 3: grinday; 4: nakajikanko; 5 & 6: nogitetsu; 7: nrtnrtnrt)

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